A biologist shares unsettlingly detailed anatomical illustrations of Pokémon

cyndaquil pokemon
via The Pokemon Company

Do you ever wonder what a Pokémon would look like inside that cuddly exterior? No? Well, you can anyway after fan-made anatomically-accurate illustrations made their way online.

The images appeared on the Pokémon subreddit, where drawings of Cyndaquil, Octillery, Donphan, and Bellossom offered a detailed interpretation of the creatures’ anatomy. The drawings are very detailed, almost unsettlingly so, similar to what you’d see in the doctor’s office. They even have names of the organs and details of bone structure for added accuracy.

Many commented underneath the thread on how horrifying (in a good way) these drawings are. Some also said that they’re now looking forward to their future nightmares.

Images via Christopher Stoll

Others, especially those either currently or aspiring to work in the field of biology, have praised the artist for the amount of detail these drawings have.

Fans showed excitement to see more, giving out requests for other Pokémon they’d like to see anatomically deconstructed. Some showed curiosity on how other Pokémon like ghost types or Cuebone would appear, considering that they have no bones usually, with the latter wearing skulls on their heads.

The original artist posted a link underneath the thread to their Pokénatomy book, where they drew full-page anatomical illustrations of all the original 151 Pokémon. And while these drawings may look horrifying, you have to admit that the artist has placed a lot of effort to make them as detailed and convincing as possible.