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A Lost Piece Of Sailor Moon History Has Finally Been Found

After many years, they've finally resurfaced thanks to one user on YouTube.

While plenty of fans of the series have been made thanks to Sailor Moon Crystal, there’s no denying that most Sailor Moon fans in the west were introduced to the series by the DiC Entertainment English dub. Anyone that saw it will no doubt remember its amazing theme song for the rest of their lives.

However, most of the music from this version of the series has actually been lost for many years. Many fans of the original DiC soundtrack have petitioned for all of the music to be released over the years, but only nine cues from the show were ever released officially on the Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection CD and that was all the way back in 2002. That is until now.

According to archivist ThomasFan1945 Productions™, series composers Don Perry and Bob Summers recently uncovered a CD with most of the original music for the show and personally provided it to him to share online. Now fans will get a chance to hear even some previously unreleased music that never was used on the show.

“For 26 years, Sailor Moon debuted in North America. Eversince it’s debut, it ranged from many fans young and old. With the release of the ViZ Media Dub; since 2014, Sailor Moon gets reconginized once more. This CD features demos, some TV Versions and unused cues. This soundtrack was made during the early beginnings, when the DiC Dub of Sailor Moon was in production. Very special thank you to Don and Bob, for providing me this CD to archive for all Sailor Moon fans.”

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Any fan of the DiC dub of Sailor Moon should take a chance to enjoy the nostalgia of experiencing the amazing music of the series in this unique format after it’s been lost for so many years.

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