AHS Spinoff American Horror Stories Will Be Exclusive To FX On Hulu

American Horror Story

FX on Hulu got two major new additions confirmed yesterday. Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story spinoff American Horror Stories and upcoming comic book adaptation Y: The Last Man will both be exclusive to the streaming service. For those unfamiliar with FX on Hulu, it was announced in March as a long-term partnership between the two companies which will see FX-produced shows made exclusively for the Disney-owned Hulu.

These two new series are a pretty big deal for both networks. American Horror Stories will be a horror anthology of stories contained to a single episode, as opposed to the season-long arcs told on American Horror Story (which will continue to air on FX). Knowing creator Ryan Murphy’s efficiency in getting shows on the air, I expect to see this sooner rather than later, which is good news for AHS fans as the next full season won’t air until 2021 at the earliest.

It’ll also be interesting to see how Y: The Last Man turns out. This show tells the story of Yorick, the last man alive after all other men have died out, leaving a planet populated entirely by women. The project has been in development for a very long time and gone through a number of creative teams. Now, all the pieces have finally fallen into place, though it seems that Coronavirus has delayed the show’s shoot. At this point, I suspect we’re looking at late 2021 for a premiere date.

Perhaps the only wrinkle is that the amount of streaming services are getting difficult to keep up with. The last year alone has seen HBO Max and Disney+ enter the arena of battle. How many subscriptions can one person reasonably be expected to maintain at any given time? Competition theoretically means better deals and shows for the customer though as they try to outdo one another, so maybe there’s a silver lining to all this.