FX Officially Moving Forward With American Horror Story Spinoff

American Horror Story

It’s official: FX has issued the green light for an American Horror Story spinoff.

Per Deadline, the series will feature “one-hour contained episodes” and have the backing of AHS series creator Ryan Murphy, who originally teased the TV offshoot earlier this month.

How, exactly, it will be woven into the fabric of the AHS universe is another question entirely, though we wouldn’t be too surprised if this new-fangled spinoff overlapped with the core series. Murphy has promised fans standalone, hour-long ghost stories for what we will be sort of companion series for American Horror Story.

The only disheartening caveat is that we’ll likely have to wait a long time before we see FX’s spinoff in action. As Deadline notes, filming of American Horror Story season 10 remains in limbo during the Coronavirus pandemic, meaning the Powers That Be won’t be in a position to yell “action” on this newly-announced spinoff until at least 2021.

It’s disappointing, of course, but it means viewers will have plenty of AHS to enjoy when this all blows over. Indeed, while American Horror Story is future-proofed well into season 13, it seems FX is hoping to strike while the iron is hot and craft a spinoff series that will presumably hope to carry on the legacy of AHS once Ryan Murphy’s core horror saga is ready to retire. If it ever does.

As Murphy’s Instagram feed will tell you, there’s still a real appetite for all things AHS, as viewers begin to mull over the theme and setting of season 10. Some sort of aquatic terror seems to be the safe bet, though some fans have even gone so far to suggest that next year’s installment will feature Sirens, given the reference to “things washing up to the shore.”