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Titans is the most high profile of DC Universe’s shows at present. Fans have been calling for the Teen Titans to make the jump to live-action for years now and finally, they’re getting their wish. Although, it looks like there will be some liberties taken with the source material.

The core version of the team in Titans appears to be leader Dick Grayson AKA Robin, Batman’s former sidekick, alien princess Starfire, shapeshifter Beast Boy and goth girl Raven. They’re played by Pirates of the Carribbean star Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Ryan Potter and Teagan Croft, respectively. These are some of the most iconic members of the Titans, but it might be odd to see the team without the likes of Kid Flash or Cyborg.

Though they aren’t teens, superhero double act Hawk and Dove will also appear in a supporting role, as played by Smallville’s Alan Ritchson and Friday Nights Lights‘ Minka Kelly. Lesser-known misfit superhero group the Doom Patrol are also set to make their live-action debut in the series, as Jake Michael, April Bowlby and Dwain Murphy are playing DP members Robotman, Elasti-Girl (not The Incredibles one) and Negative-Man, respectively.

So far, we’ve only received official looks at Robin, Hawk and Dove in costume – and their comic-accurate, high quality outfits fill us with a lot of hope for the show. On the other hand, our only glimpses of the rest of the team come from leaked set pics which have not been so well received, to say the least.

Still, it’s worth putting our faith in the show’s trinity of experienced creators. Namely, DC chief Geoff Johns, Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti and Hollywood screenwriter Akiva Goldsman of, er, Batman & Robin infamy. Well, at least trust the first two.

Thanks to the presence of Robin, it seems that Titans might be able to get past Warner Bros.’ protectiveness about Batman as well, as it sounds as if we might have flashbacks to Dick’s training with Bruce Wayne. Rumors also state that Jason Todd, Dick’s successor as Robin, might likewise appear. At this rate, it seems that Titans is going to give us a fuller version of the DC world than the DCEU, which we’re very excited about.

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