Alpha’s On The Attack In New Walking Dead Season 9 Promo


Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead, the survivors took a hostage from the Whisperers in the form of the teenage Lydia, the daughter of the creepy community’s leader, Alpha. At the end of episode 10, Alpha led her masked cohorts to the Hilltop to demand that they hand Lydia back to her…or else. Now, this promo for Sunday’s installment teases what comes next after Alpha’s ultimatum.

As we all knew, our heroes weren’t ever going to give the girl back to her abusive mother, and this trailer confirms it by showing Daryl telling Alpha no. The right choice it may be, but it’ll only cause a whole heap of trouble. Luke and Alden are in the Whisperers’ clutches, after all, and other clips show Connie being stalked through a wheat field and the Kingdom going into battle. Like Alpha warned them, there’ll be conflict.

After showing up in the midseason premiere, last week’s episode properly introduced us to the show’s new villain, and fans instantly took to her. The decision to flesh out Alpha’s backstory immediately – an original move for the TV series – definitely helped, too, as it showed how formidable and violent she is. We’re pretty sure even the Governor would have been creeped out by Alpha and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens when Negan meets her – and whether things will turn out the same way as they did in the comics.

The storyline so far has been a pretty accurate adaptation of the beginnings of the Whisperer war on the page. However, showrunner Angela Kang has promised that there’ll be surprises ahead, so fans should expect the unexpected. We’re guessing that this means a few of the deaths that happen in the source material might be shaken up on The Walking Dead. That seems especially likely given that Danai Gurira is set to leave in season 10, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.