American Horror Story: 1984 Sets Fall Premiere Date


American Horror Story: 1984 has been a mystery ever since the title and setting were first revealed to the public. While most of the details are still a secret, fans of the bone-chilling series now at least know when the long-awaited ninth season will hit their TV screens. The first episode of the slasher phenomenon’s newest chapter will air on September 18th. Time for viewers to mark their calendars!

Everyone involved with the production has been extremely tight-lipped about the upcoming batch of episodes. Emmy-winning actress Sarah Paulson has even claimed that she knows next to nothing about what’s going to happen. If the cornerstone of the franchise is still in the dark about the plot, then viewers are most definitely in for some big surprises.

The most anyone’s spoken about the new season is producer Tim Minear. He’s claimed that fans of ’80s horror are going to absolutely love what the show has planned. That defining decade of frights saw classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining, Hellraiser, The Evil Dead and more all terrify the nation. American Horror Story: 1984 will definitely be a success if they can replicate even half of the nightmares that those movies gave to everyone.

Aside from Paulson, Emma Roberts will return to the series in an unspecified role. Joining her onscreen will be Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy. Series mainstay and perennial fan favorite Evan Peters, meanwhile, will not be in any episodes this year, marking the first time ever he’s been absent from the show.

Other than that, most of the cast has still yet to be announced and viewers really aren’t sure what to expect when they turn on their televisions this fall, but as long as Ryan Murphy is still involved, one thing’s definitely for sure: it’s going to be a wild ride.

American Horror Story: 1984 will premiere on Wednesday, September 18th.

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