Watch: American Horror Story Season 10 Title Reveal Teased With New Promo

American Horror Story

American Horror Story has been away for far too long. The last episode of season 9 aired back in November 2019 and, due to COVID-19-related delays, it’s looking like that will mean two years will have passed between the show’s trademark thrills, chills and buckets of blood. Fortunately, the next run now seems to be coming together nicely. The delayed shoot took place in February, wrapped in early March and with that in the can, further postponements appear to be unlikely.

But there’s still an air of mystery over the show. We’ve gotten some clues as to what Ryan Murphy has in store, though, as the shoot was filmed under the working title Pilgrim, the Provincetown location is famous for being where the Mayflower landed, and we’ve seen posters and teasers hinting at sharp-toothed monsters and beachside scares. This should all swim into focus very soon, as Murphy has announced a title reveal tomorrow with the following promo:

A big hint as to what’s headed down the pipeline may come from an image released by the producer a year ago, showing hands ominously clawing their way out of the ocean. This was captioned: “Things are beginning to wash up on shore…” That, in combination with another teaser poster featuring a woman with sharpened teeth, a bone-white complexion and red lips has led many fans to theorize that the season will be about mermaids or sirens coming up from the depths to prey on hapless holidaymakers.

But we also know plans may have changed in the meantime. When asked about how COVID-19 had affected the tenth season, Murphy explained that:

“A lot of what I was going to shoot was dependent on a very specific moment, it was a weather-dependent show. So now I don’t know.”

Whatever the subject matter turns out to be, it’s sure to be a fun ride. The show’s regulars – Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd, Finn Wittrock, Lily Rabe, Leslie Grossman, Adina Porter and Angelica Ross – are all back, with Macaulay Culkin making a much-anticipated debut.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the official American Horror Story title drop!