‘Andor’ star says it wasn’t healthy to think about a spin off until it became official

andor disney plus diego luna
Credit: LucasFilm

Expectations can lead to disappointment when not met, and as an actor, Andor star Diego Luna is more aware of this than most. That’s why he didn’t even consider thinking he would be a part of a Star Wars spinoff until it actually happened.

Of course, Andor is a prequel to the prequel Rogue One, so it’s understandable that no one had high hopes for further missions in this universe, where the main character dies on the tropical planet of Scarif. Regardless, Luna told the Entertainment Weekly podcast Dagobah Dispatch that while he thought about it, he didn’t think it would actually happen.

“I would be lying if I tell you that I never thought of it. Obviously I did think of it, and we made so many jokes on set on what the possibilities were of coming back. And obviously one was going on a prequel, but I never thought of it as a real chance.”

He revealed that thinking about whether there was going to be more show, or a second season, or another movie, proved to be a little too unhealthy.

“I didn’t find it healthy. I don’t like this thing these days that these new formats are bringing, where people are always expecting more. You go into a show, and you get hired to do something, and you are always thinking, ‘Oh, I hope there’s a second season,’ or, ‘I hope there’s part two.'”

Luna said that for him, it’s important to prioritize his mental health over whether he will continue working as a certain character.

“To me, I learned in my life that it’s about living the present. It’s about enjoying what you’re doing. And for the sake of my mental health and clarity, I would say things need to have a beginning and an end for me to understand them and enjoy them and enjoy the ride.”

Andor premieres tomorrow on Disney Plus.