How Arrow’s Series Finale Ties Diggle To The Green Lantern Corps


Arrow reached its series finale last night, offering fans an emotional farewell to the show that kickstarted the Arrowverse. Despite the sadness though, it also brought a lot of excitement and hope, as many previously deceased characters were revealed to have been resurrected by the post-“Crisis” timeline reboot. What’s more, the episode featured something fans have been waiting to see for years: a major tease that John Diggle is going to become a Green Lantern.

Given the similarities between David Ramsey’s character and John Stewart, it’s long been a fan theory that Diggle is the Arrowverse’s version of the comic book character. And in recent seasons, there’ve been more and more clues that this was accurate, as Earth-90’s Flash was hinted to have known a version of Diggle on his Earth who was a Lantern and Diggle’s stepfather was revealed to have the surname Stewart. Now, the finale leaves the hero with our biggest hint yet.

As Diggle gives a speech about how the universe is far bigger than he and his friends could ever have imagined, we see him being blown back by a meteorite crashing into the Earth. Diggle then retrieves a small box from the crash site. We don’t see what’s inside as he opens it, but the green glow that envelopes him tells us all we need to know: Diggle’s finally got a Power Ring.

Fans are now left to wonder whether we’ll ever see the character again. The fact that a Green Lantern TV series is coming to HBO Max has got folks hoping he’ll turn up in that and given that the show was teased in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” it is an option. However, the Arrow finale also sees Diggle’s wife Lyla Michaels taking a promotion that would involve her family moving to Metropolis. So, maybe we should instead expect him to jump over to Superman & Lois?

It’s likely we’ll see more of Dig, either way, but even if we don’t, at least we got this Green Lantern connection at long last before Arrow bowed out for good.