Arrow’s Stephen Amell Says Grant Gustin Was His Favorite Crossover Star


With Arrow‘s status as the founding father of the Arrowverse, Stephen Amell got to star opposite virtually every lead character of the franchise across his eight seasons as the Emerald Archer. With Arrow having bowed out back in January, though, the actor can now reflect on who his favorite co-star was to work with in the annual crossovers.

In fact, Amell revealed his choice at a recent convention appearance and fans will be touched by his answer. He attended C2E2 2020 in Chicago over the weekend and was asked who he loved to work with the most out of the other Arrowverse leads. Amell didn’t hesitate to go for The Flashs Grant Gustin, praising the Scarlet Speedster star as a performer and person.

“Grant. For sure. I really really love and I really valued every opportunity I got to work with Grant. I always felt like when I came out of a scene with Grant or a day of working with him I always felt like I became a little bit of a better actor. No, selfishly, I want to be better.”

It’s no surprise that Amell went for Gustin when faced with this question, as he’s never kept his friendship with The Flash actor a secret. The pair go way back to almost the beginning of the franchise, with Gustin first appearing as Barry Allen on Arrow‘s second season before getting his own spinoff the following year. Since then, they’ve worked together again and again. Just as Oliver and Barry became like brothers, it seems the two actors developed a close bond as well.

Gustin, for his part, is loyal to Amell, too. In the face of the fan debate over whether the Arrowverse should be renamed the Flashverse following Arrow‘s conclusion, Gustin pressed to preserve the Arrowverse name in honor of Amell as the true first hero of The CW’s DC universe.

While Arrow may have bowed out for good, The Flash season 6 continues next Tuesday, March 10th with episode 14, “Death of the Speed Force.”