Arrowverse Fans Can Now Win A Set Visit For Their Favorite Show

The Flash

With the Arrowverse‘s various productions at different stages of lockdown, the producers behind the series are finding ways to help other parts of the entertainment industry. Marc Guggenheim, who oversees the growing universe of shows that have spun off from Arrow, is doing his part by setting up a set visit auction to benefit the #Creators4Comics appeal, which aims to help the comic book stores that are struggling due to the nationwide lockdown.

Guggenheim announced the offer this week via Twitter, including the terms and conditions of taking part in the auction:

The Binc Foundation Guggenheim mentions was set up to offer relief to comic stores, and we’d hope that the producer’s appeal can raise some much-needed funds to support business owners. In terms of set visits, fans can presumably choose from The FlashBatwomanLegends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, depending on which of these is their favorite. We’d also imagine this will be a visit once production has started up again after the lockdown.

At the moment, we’re expecting The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow to resume airing episodes from Tuesday, April 21st, after a hiatus that’s included a well-received repeat of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event. Batwoman will then start airing its next block of episodes from Sunday April 26th, while Supergirl is delayed again until May 3rd. The current lockdown is still affecting production time though, with only Legends of Tomorrow having all their season’s episodes in the can and the others likely to receive shorter seasons, with finales set to air later in the year.

In addition to these returning series, we should also be getting the launch of The CW’s Stargirl on May 19th, after its initial premiere of May 11th was pushed back. It’s currently unclear when we’ll be getting the new Green Lantern show on HBO Max or exact dates for new seasons of Titans and Doom Patrol, but the latter two shows should be available later in 2020.

For now, then, if you’re keen to check out how an Arrowverse show comes together, Guggenheim’s auction is open until tomorrow, with the latest bid appearing to be either $5,000 or $7,000.