Arrowverse Crossover Casts An Arkham Asylum Villain


As of late, The CW have been revealing many puzzle pieces making up the next major Arrowverse crossover – it’s just that we have no idea of how they fit. All we can do is hope that an official plot synopsis is disclosed soon enough because all we can tell is that whatever’s planned will be huge and likely badass.

To briefly reiterate, Ruby Rose will suit up as the first ever live action iteration of Batwoman, Tyler Hoechlin will return as SupermanElizabeth Tulloch will play opposite him as Lois Lane, and Cassandra Jean Amell has been cast as Nora Fries, wife of Mr. Freeze.

Adding to the excitement is Jeremy Davies (Sleepy Hollow, Twin Peaks) being joining the mix as Dr. John Deegan, who just so happens to work at Arkham Asylum. If you’re a lover of comics and don’t recognize the name, don’t fret, because it appears that this is an original character – and a villain of some sort.

Right now, it’s unclear if Deegan will serve as big bad for the crossover, or if he’s merely part of a grander tapestry. Either way, we’re certain that the Arrowverse will soon explore Superman and Batman’s corners of the DCU like never before.

Personally, I’m dying to see which other villains will show up, specifically if one is Mr. Freeze. To this point, Arrow and Gotham have shared various rogues, though the likes of Ra’s al Ghul, the Dollmaker and Firefly showed up at different times, never allowing for overlap. But with Nathan Darrow still actively playing Freeze over on Fox, I’m wondering if this’ll be an exception.

This fall’s Arrowverse crossover begins on Sunday, December 9 with The Flash, continues on Monday, December 10 with Arrow, and wraps up on Tuesday, December 11 with Supergirl.