Arrowverse Producer Thinks Batwoman Can Become The New Arrow


As Arrow ended, another Arrowverse show rose up to take its place. The Emerald Archer’s series completed its eight-season run this year, with Batwoman debuting around the same time. For producer Marc Guggenheim, this isn’t a coincidence as he thinks that the Crimson Crusader is symbolically replacing Oliver Queen as the resident grim and gritty hero in The CW’s DC TV universe.

During a podcast with Comic Book Central recorded back in January, shortly after Arrow concluded, Guggenheim revealed that it struck him during Batwoman’s very first appearance in 2018’s “Elseworlds” crossover event that Kate Kane was essentially filling the Green Arrow’s role in the Arrowverse. As he put it, in colorful terms:

“After we did ‘Elseworlds,’ I said to the powers that be, ‘I feel like I just introduced my wife to her new boyfriend,’ because in many ways, Batwoman is carrying on the grim and gritty mantle of Arrow now that Arrow‘s going away. It was very surreal.”

Of course, Guggenheim’s comments take on new meaning in the light of the recent news that Ruby Rose is leaving Batwoman following its first season. Reviews have been mixed, but the series has proved just as successful as any other Arrowverse show. However, this will be the real test for it. Having a new lead come in and inject it with the same energy as Rose is a tall ask and could easily go wrong.

But hopefully The CW is able to find someone who can win over viewers as the next Kate Kane and the show can continue for many seasons to come. Then maybe it can be both the new Arrow in terms of its more grounded tone and in having a long lifespan.

It’ll be a while until we get to see the latest Scarlet Knight in action, though, as Batwoman season 2 is set to premiere on The CW in January 2021, as per the network’s COVID-adjusted schedule.