‘Attack on Titan’ fan art going viral depicts new terrifying Horseback Titan

Image via Wit Studio

Hajime Isayama’s design for the Nine Titans on Attack on Titan is imaginative and diverse, though that hasn’t stopped fans from conceptualizing newer additions to the giants inherited from the Founder Ymir.

When it comes down to it, all the nine titans are humanoids bestowed with individual powers. That makes sense from a storytelling perspective — since Eldians are all ultimately human, regardless of what the rest of the world calls them — but this also takes away from the utility of coming up with designs that bring animals to the fore as well.

That’s probably the reason why we don’t have a flying titan, even though the Cart and the Jaw come pretty close to resembling our mammal ancestors. Now, a fan art going viral on the official Attack on Titan subreddit envisions the Horseback Titan, who is basically a centaur wielding a spear.

The thought of a 30-foot horseback titan charging a field and swinging his massive spear is absolutely terrifying, even in the context of Attack on Titan‘s own story, which has shown us a range of overpowered titan abilities thus far. This design is basically an amalgamation of the Cart, Attack, and Warhammer Titan powers, though with mobility that puts them all to shame.

Of course, due to its ability to materialize a horse, a lot of fans have naturally nominated Jean Kirstein as the perfect candidate to inherit this titan. At least we’re pretty sure that Eren would be behind the idea since he was the first person to call Jean “horse-face.”

Holding the power of the Founder should give our protagonist Eren Yeager full control over the titans and their creation. As such, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to assume he might form new Titans in the upcoming fight against his friends over the fate of the entire world.