Barry And Nora Go Back To The Future In New Flash Set Video

The Flash Season 4

This week we learned that episode 18 of The Flash season 5 was to be titled “Godspeed,” meaning that – yes – the comic book supervillain of the same name is coming to TV in just a few weeks’ time. Set photos gave us our first look at the evil speedster in live-action and now this video filmed during location shooting in Vancouver tells us a little more about the installment.

The short clip sees Grant Gustin and Jessica Parker Kennedy on the street, in character as Barry Allen and his daughter Nora West-Allen, having a discussion. As we know from previous photos, this scene takes place in Nora’s home year of 2049. By the looks of things, the pair have an emotional confrontation, which ends with the Scarlet Speedster walking away and leaving XS alone. This seems to hit Nora hard, as she appears distraught once he leaves.

See for yourself in the video below, courtesy of Canadagraphs:

We can infer from this that Godspeed hails from the future. Maybe it’s explained that August Hearst will become a major foe of Team Flash in the years to come and Barry and Nora have to deal with him themselves when they end up in 2049? Given his popularity in the comics – even though he was only introduced back in 2016 – we suspect that this episode might also be a tease for an increased role for the villain in season 6. After all, we haven’t had a speedster big bad since back in season 3.

Even if we’re way off base with this one, we’re looking forward to seeing Godspeed on the show in just a few weeks, and finding out what’s going on between Barry and Nora in this sequence. First, though, we’ve got another exciting episode to catch when The Flash returns for “King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd” on The CW on Tuesday, March 5th.