Batwoman Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Introduction Of Bruce Wayne


The synopsis for Batwoman‘s season finale hinted that we were due an appearance from “one of Gotham’s former heroes.” I figured the Dark Knight was too obvious, especially as introducing him to the show would inevitably take focus away from Kate Kane/Batwoman. But while Batman didn’t show up, Bruce Wayne did. Kinda. In a twist that, in retrospect, we should have seen coming, Alice gave Tommy Elliot/Hush a new face: Bruce Wayne’s.

This is a key moment for the Arrowverse, as Hush now looks identical to Wayne. That means that if the ‘real’ Batman does show up, he’ll almost certainly be played by Warren Christie. It’s a great twist to leave the first season on, especially considering that Batwoman had its rookie debut cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic and this episode was repurposed into the finale.

Fans seem to have agreed as well, with social media lighting up with their reactions to the Bruce Wayne reveal.


Hush disguising himself as an exact copy of Bruce Wayne should mean that we’ll delve more into his character in season 2. Beyond that, you have to imagine it makes the chances of the ‘real’ Bruce Wayne turning up in the show a lot more likely now that he’s effectively been cast.

Unfortunately, fans have quite the wait until any of that happens. Obviously nothing is going before the cameras anytime soon, so the usual October premiere date for The CW’s superhero shows isn’t going to happen this year. Right now, the plan is for Batwoman (and the rest of the Arrowverse) to return in January 2021, but I’d consider that a best-case scenario and prepare for further slippage.

Whatever the case, Batwoman has overcome its early naysayers to deliver a damn good Gotham-set Bat-themed superhero show without the presence of the man himself. Here’s hoping they can continue that in the second season.