Batwoman Theory Explains How The Show May Write Out Kate Kane


The Arrowverse fandom was rattled last month when it was announced that Ruby Rose was exiting Batwoman following the conclusion of its first season, meaning the show will have to find a new leading actress for its sophomore year and beyond. We originally expected this to mean someone else would be playing Kate Kane. However, the latest reports have revealed the plan is to actually bring in a completely different character named “Ryan Wilder,” which is possibly an alias.

This is a surprising move, as it presents the production team with a huge extra challenge on top of ensuring a smooth transition of stars, as they’ve now got to come up with a reason why Kate leaves the show, too. Obviously, this wasn’t where the writers thought they were headed, but there are actually a few avenues they could take for this that have been set up in season 1, and here’s three possible explanations for Kate’s impending exit, as suggested by ScreenRant.

1) Bruce Wayne and Kate Kane’s disappearances are linked – We still don’t know why Batman disappeared from Gotham years ago, leaving behind the city he cares so much about. It’s possible there’s a greater conspiracy at work here, though. Jack Forbes is known to be police commissioner, for example, a character who was corrupt and working for Carmine Falcone in the comics. Did the mob get rid of Batman and could they do the same to Kate?

2) Kate goes off in search of Bruce – Maybe Kate discovers the truth about Hush impersonating Bruce Wayne and decides to take off to find out what really happened to her beloved cousin. This would probably be the simplest solution to the problem, but it would ideally mean that Rose returns to the show at some point to wrap up this dangling plot-thread.

3) Alice and Hush will kill Kate – When season 1 ended, Kate and Hush had discovered the one thing that would allow them to penetrate the Batsuit and kill Batwoman: Kryptonite. So, what if they actually succeed, off-screen or otherwise? Obviously, this would be the most dramatic and perhaps controversial thing the series could do. However, it would certainly get Kate out of the way immediately, paving the way for the next Crimson Crusader to enter the fray.

Tell us, though, how do you think Batwoman should handle Kate Kane’s departure? Have your say in the comments section down below.