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Best pop-culture costume ideas for Halloween 2022

Here are some last-minute costume ideas for Halloween 2022.

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If you are reading this post, it seems you need some last-minute help with Halloween costume ideas. That’s fair since the world was forced to stay indoors for two years due to the pandemic. That’s not to mention people need serious help if they thought dressing their kids as Jeffree Dahmer was a good idea.

Halloween costumes have evolved beyond just ghosts and monsters as people are encouraged to dress up as any character they like. Also, cosplaying has become a huge and popular hobby lately as everyone from different backgrounds and experiences can dress up as anyone from recent or classic media.

10. Maddy and Cassie from Euphoria

Sydney Sweeny has come out in an interview that she and her co-star Alexa Demie, are keen to see people dressed up as them for Halloween. Ever since season two of Euphoria ended earlier this year, Maddy and Cassie became the most popular matching costume idea, according to fans. The best part about cosplaying as these characters is that it’s pretty simple to pull off.

9. The Forgers in Spy x Family

Speaking of simple group costume ideas, another show to consider is Spy x Family as all the family members mostly wear casual clothing, but they also have their own signature outfits if you want something more tied into the show. This costume idea was so popular that even politicians can pull off the look. It’s a perfect costume for the whole family.

8. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader

Guess what? The prequel characters are cool again! For this year’s Halloween season, why not dress up as two of the most powerful force-users in the galaxy? While Obi-Wan might be a challenge to pull off, there are multiple Darth Vader helmets in circulation in your local mall or comic book store. In the end, these two have been perfect matching costume ideas since the prequels and wo continue to be thanks to the new Disney Plus show.

7. The Rings of Power characters

Amazon brought back the world of Tolkein through The Rings of Power. Not only did we see some familiar faces, such as Galadriel, but it introduced some new ones as well. There are a variety of characters to choose from in this show. From elves to dwarves and simple humans, there are plenty of opportunities to dress up as your favorite character. If The Rings of Power isn’t your style, then revisiting the original Lord of the Rings trilogy should spark some inspiration.

6. House of the Dragon

If a fantasy world filled with magical creatures is too much, perhaps dressing up as your favorite Targaryen or Hightower should suffice. A majority of the characters wore generic armor and robes throughout the show. However, if you want to go for a more simple approach, a green or black robe with the appropriate house symbol would be helpful, especially if you’ve aligned yourself to Rhaenyra or Alicent.

5. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners became one of the most popular video anime series since it came out on Netflix. It was so popular that there have been reports that people started playing the game, despite its glitchy start from its release. This show has a variety of characters with different abilities. Dressing up as these anime fixtures would allow you to fulfill your cyberpunk dreams while also keeping it simple, depending on which character you decided to go as.

4. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Halloween is the perfect time to show the world that anyone can be a better voice actor than Chris Pratt. Dressing up as Super Mario is very simple as costumes can be found in your local department store or online. If you prefer the DIY approach, get some blue overalls and wear a red shirt. Mushroom Kingdom, here we come!

3. The Hellfire Club from Stranger Things

You have to admit, the outfits from season four of Stranger Things have been pretty epic, especially for Eddie Munson. All the costumes are simple to pull off with some easily accessable items from your local secondhand shop. If you really want to scare people in your neighbourhood, it’s never too late to dress up as Vecna. Just don’t get number one and 11 tattoos.

2. Black Adam characters

Tired of dressing up as Superman every year? Perhaps Black Adam is more your speed. He’s potentially stronger than Superman and is a rising DC Universe star. If dressing up as Dwayne Johnson is too much, perhaps the Justice Society of America could give more costume ideas. Seriously, this film made cosplaying as the Justice League no longer the only option for DC fans.

1. The Mandalorian

Everyone’s favorite space dad is here and could be a potential Halloween costume. This intergalactic bounty hunter isn’t just ruthless but also has a soft heart. There’s also a near limitless amount of Grogu plushies and pop figures that exist to help you complete the look. The best part is you’re wearing a helmet and not forced to take it off. That is the way, after all.

Fans shouldn’t be afraid to dress up as their favorite characters, especially as 2022 has been the year when multiple highly anticipated shows and films came were released. Fandoms shouldn’t gatekeep others from cosplaying as their favorite characters, so make this year’s Halloween the best one yet. Whether you’re going alone or with friends, there is a costume for everyone.

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