Billie Lourd Says American Horror Story: 1984 Is Terrifying Constantly

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We all cope with scary stuff in our own different ways. Some people laugh, some people scream and apparently, some people sing. Billie Lourd’s returning for the upcoming season of American Horror Story: 1984 and recently revealed that she has to resort to a musical tactic in order to keep herself sane on set.

Speaking in an interview, here’s what the actress had to share:

“This one is even gorier than it ever has been before, so I need to sing ‘Africa’ literally every day all day because it’s terrifying constantly.”

The song actually fits the theme of the season extremely well. The popular track, which has been revitalized recently in pop culture due to a cover by Weezer, was released in 1982. This means it wouldn’t mess up the timeline if “Africa” is featured at one point during the next batch of episodes. Maybe Lourd’s character can even sing it while she tries to separate herself from the terror waging all around her.

As you no doubt know, Lourd will be joined by several frequent Ryan Murphy collaborators and also a few newcomers when AHS returns. Thus far, we know that Emma Roberts, Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy, Angelica Ross, DeRon Horton, Cody Fern, Leslie Grossman, Matthew Morrison, John Carol Lynch and Zach Villa will all be appearing at one point or another. Series mainstay Evan Peters is unfortunately not expected to return, however, and the same goes for Sarah Paulson, though she said there’s still a chance she could make a surprise cameo.

It’s difficult right now to predict what direction this new season will take, but the title could allude to a possible dystopian world, as well as tying in all of the slasher elements that were prevalent in the trailer. The only thing that anyone other than Murphy can say for sure though is that the upcoming season is sure to be packed with frightening surprises. As such, we can’t wait for American Horror Story: 1984 to premiere on FX on Wednesday, September 18th.

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