Black Siren Teeters On The Edge Of The Abyss In New Arrow Promo


Right now, I think it may be safe to say that Arrow has revealed its true big bad for season 7 – and it’s actually Emiko Queen. If you tuned in for “Inheritance” last night, then not only did you see her playing the role of double agent and her history with Dante detailed during the flashback segments, but you also saw her giving him orders.

From what we gather, it is she who leads the Ninth Circle these days. I’m still not willing to rule out Oliver getting through to her before the season finale, but it appears as though she’s far more villainous than her comic book counterpart. After all, it was implied at the end that Emiko sank the Queen’s Gambit all those years ago.

In the midst of these revelations, Emiko also managed to drag Laurel Lance’s name through the mud. Not only did she start planting doubt within the minds of Team Arrow, but the devious archer also leaked images of Laurel’s past association with Ricardo Diaz to the press. In other words, her days as District Attorney might be finished.

As you can see in the first promo for “Lost Canary” (found at the top), Ms. Lance is at the breaking point. To my recollection, this is the first time she’s dusted off her Black Siren outfit during season 7, so it’s quite symbolic of her returning to her savage roots. My best guess is that a few heroes will pull her back from the abyss, specifically Dinah Drake AKA Black Canary and Sara Lance AKA White Canary.

I say that because, as you may recall, this is that Birds of Prey-inspired episode we’ve been hearing about. In fact, if your eyes are able to catch her, you can see Sara rolling out of the way near the end of the aforementioned trailer. Just don’t blink.

At this moment, no synopsis for “Lost Canary” has been provided, though we expect for one to drop two or three weeks prior to showtime. Furthermore, preview photos should be disclosed within that same time frame as well.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Monday, April 15th on The CW. Just be sure to note that it’ll relocate to the 9 pm Eastern timeslot.