Britney Spears Fan Petition To Remove Jamie Lynn Spears From Netflix Show Has Passed Its 25,000 Goal

Britney Spears

Britney Spears fans have been out in force over the past four months attempting to petition Netflix into removing Jamie Lynn Spears from the streaming services Sweet Magnolias series and so far they’ve just passed their initial goal of 25,000 signatures.

The petition claims that their reasoning for wanting Jamie Lynn removed stems from the lack of support she has given to her sister Britney during the Conservatorship battle the star has been dealing with over the past decade and change.

“As its come to the world’s attention, Britney Spears has been under a corrupt and abusive conservatorship against her will and has been stripped of all her basic rights as a human being. She said she was drugged, abused, scared, isolated, confined, and traumatized.

Jamie Lynn Spears did absolutely nothing to help her as this was going on. In fact, she fed off her sisters conservatorship and took advantage of her sisters money and well-being.

Jamie Lynn could easily file a petition to terminate the conservatorship, yet she hasn’t. She instead allows the exploitation of her sister to continue.

How can you pay someone and allow someone the “fame” of whom continues to ride her sisters coattails, after knowing she does nothing to stop the abuse to her sister?”


While this petition hasn’t and likely won’t have any effect on Jamie Lynn’s role in Sweet Magnolias, it is quite interesting to see the resurgence that this petition has garnered over the last few days.

It is likely that this petition was bought back into the Spears fan communities spotlight after Netflix aired their latest documovie Britney vs Spears which went into detail on her situation within conservatorship. 

Right now, the petition has over 25,400 signatures and appears to be climbing with its latest goal of 35,000.