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Bryce Dallas Howard voicing a fan favorite alien in ‘Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi’

It's Yaddle!

Star Wars Tales of the Jedi Ahsoka
Image via Lucasfilm

So far, Bryce Dallas Howard has kept her involvement in the Star Wars universe behind the camera, with directing stints in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Now the actress revealed she has a more direct role in the universe and that she’s voicing a fan favorite character.

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Dallas took to Twitter to announce she was voicing Jedi Master Waddle, a character that made her debut way back in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and a few books and comics. However, the character will make her TV debut in the upcoming Tales of the Jedi show.

The upcoming series, directed by Dave Filoni, will have the same art style as the director’s previous animated series, the beloved Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We’ve already seen a trailer for the series, which showed a familiar cast of characters, but Yaddle’s participation was a pleasant surprise.

Because Yaddle’s backstory hasn’t been fully delved into (on the screen, anyway), there’s a lot of opportunity to tie some things together. For example, could she be Grogu’s (Baby Yoda) mother? Will we finally find out what species they are?

There’s also the opportunity to change Yaddle’s image, as her appearance in the movies was, how do we say this, not the most aesthetically pleasing.

The show, based during the prequel era, has an interesting narrative bent. Half of the episodes are going to focus on Count Dooku and the other half will focus on Ahsoka Tano. There are six episodes in the show.

Each episode is slated to run between 13-17 minutes, and Liam Neeson will reprise his role as Qui-Gon Jinn and his son Micheál Richardson will voice the character when he was young.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi premieres on Disney Plus tomorrow.