Cameron Monaghan Confirms Batman Will Appear On Gotham Season 5


After waiting five years to see young Bruce Wayne graduate to becoming Batman, Gotham fans would naturally be pretty perturbed if the Dark Knight never appeared on the prequel show in its upcoming fifth and final season. Thankfully, the cast and crew have been very open about the fact that the Caped Crusader is 100% on his way.

For example, Cameron Monaghan – who plays proto-Joker Jeremiah Valeska on the series – was asked by a fan on Twitter if Batman would be turning up in season 5. The actor wasted no time in confirming that this was the case with a simple “yes.”

Those paying attention to all the updates about Gotham season 5 will know that we shouldn’t expect to see Batman’s pointy ears rise out of the shadows until the series finale. Showrunner John Stephens has previously confirmed that the last episode will jump forward ten years and give us a look at how all the characters have morphed into their familiar selves from the comics. Most notably, that will mean David Mazouz’s teen Bruce has trained himself to become Gotham’s protector in that time.

Stephens has even teased what sort of suit Batman will wear in the finale, which suggests we’ll get a decent look at him and not just Smallville-eseque CGI version in the distance. The EP says fans can look forward to a more armored costume in the style of Christian Bale’s in The Dark Knight RisesSet photos have also suggested that Bruce will get further along the path to Batman during the season, as Mazouz has been spotted wearing some very Batman-like protective armor.

What’s more, other characters will also take on their traditional looks. Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon, for instance, will get his classic facial fuzz, while Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin will start wearing a top hat and pile on the pounds. No word yet on whether Monaghan’s Jeremiah will properly become the Joker or not, though.

Be sure to catch Gotham‘s 12-part final season on FOX from January 3rd, 2019.