Chadwick Boseman Will Voice 4 Versions Of T’Challa In Marvel’s What If…?


Kevin Feige confirmed a long time ago that Chadwick Boseman would lend his vocal talents to multiple episodes of Marvel’s What If…?, in what marks the final performance from the Academy Award nominated star following his tragic passing from colon cancer last summer.

As it stands, his legacy has been secured by a barnstorming performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom that shocked the world when it didn’t land him a posthumous Best Actor trophy, while his last role sees him reprising the character that turned him into a household name and cultural icon, so it’s a fitting way to cap of a filmography that was cut far too short.

We’ve seen clips revealing that one episode of What If…? will follow the Wakandan native as he gets taken into outer space by Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Yondu at the expense of Peter Quill, and in a new interview producer Brad Winderbaum confirmed that Boseman will appear in four installments, and voice a different version of T’Challa in each one.

“He’s in four episodes, actually. He plays different versions of the character. I wouldn’t say that anything changed drastically. We wanted to honor, frankly, his performance and his eagerness to be a part of the project. In retrospect, he recorded this episodes for us knowing what we all know now. We wanted to honor what he did, so we actually didn’t change a lot of it.”

The trailer revealed Killmonger saving Tony Stark’s life in Afghanistan, with Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Stevens also poised to rule Wakanda in another episode, so that could be where we see T’Challa again. Then again, the entire point of Marvel’s What If…? is to offer fans the chance to see the most unexpected scenarios, situations and partnerships play out on the screen, so it’s impossible to know when or where the king of Wakanda will make his presence felt across the nine-episode run, but it’s going to be a massively bittersweet experience to hear Chadwick Boseman bringing the character to life for the last time.