The CW Reportedly Wants More Bat-Family Members In The Arrowverse


Remember the days when the Batman side of the DC universe was totally off limits to the Arrowverse? Batwoman’s arrival in 2018’s “Elseworlds” crossover changed everything, of course and nowadays the heroine has her own show, filled with various familiar faces from the comics, while Kevin Conroy has even stopped by as the Bruce Wayne from another Earth, with Warren Christie portraying the face of Bruce on Earth-Prime.

And it seems like the network has plans to keep on expanding the Gothamverse in its ever-growing TV franchise, too. According to what we’re hearing from our sources – the same ones who previously told us about the HBO Max Green Lantern show – The CW wants more Bat-family members in the Arrowverse. We don’t know who as of yet, but they definitely aim to introduce more of the Dark Knight’s team of allies.

So, who could be about to join the Arrowverse? Well, Arrow referenced Oracle a few times, suggesting Barbara Gordon is around in this universe, and the Birds of Prey version also had a vocal cameo in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Robin, meanwhile, has likewise been confirmed to exist on Earth-Prime on Batwoman. The thing is, though, both of them are being prominently used by Titans right now – along with the likes of Jason Todd and Tim Drake – so that may cause some issues in acquiring these characters.

There are various other heroes who could be up for grabs, though. Luke Fox might become Batwing like he does in the comics. And alternatively, there’s Stephanie Brown’s Spoiler or Duke Thomas. A new version of the Huntress wouldn’t go amiss, either. As for where these new Bat-family members could appear, you’d imagine it’d be Batwoman, although that may only have one season left to go before its plug is pulled.

For the meantime, new episodes of the Javicia Leslie-headed series air Sundays on The CW, with fellow Arrowverse shows The Flash, Black Lightning and Supergirl continuing throughout the week.