The CW Might Be Canceling Some Arrowverse Shows Soon


Today was a good day for Arrowverse fans, as The CW has officially renewed all five of its ongoing DC TV series for another year. So, given that Arrow is ending this month, that’s The Flash (for a seventh season), Supergirl (sixth season), Legends of Tomorrow (sixth season), Black Lightning (fourth season) and Batwoman (second season). However, some less good news has also come to light, as it’s possible that this will be the final run for “some” of these shows.

Insider Daniel RPK shared the renewal news on Twitter, adding the warning: “For some of them it’ll likely be the end.” Meanwhile, CinematicBanter shared similar information, citing a few shows that may be close to cancellation, which you can see below:

So, what can we infer from this? Well, for Richtman’s Tweet, his choice of “some” rather than, say, “a couple” seems to mean that he believes at least three series could be cancelled this time next year. Of course, We Got This Covered has has already told you that both Supergirl and Black Lightning might be facing the chop, and we’ve also heard the same is true of Legends. So, it’s highly possible that this trio could be gone from our screens after the 2020/21 season and both Richtman and Cinematic Banter’s Tweets seem to corroborate our scoops.

As for The Flash, it’s probably not guaranteed many more seasons itself. Again, Arrow‘s about to wrap up with its shortened eighth run, so could the Scarlet Speedster’s show follow the same template and bow out after season 8? That probably all depends on star Grant Gustin. If he wants to do more, then The CW will likely keep making more.

In any case, the loss of these series definitely doesn’t spell doom for the Arrowverse. Two more shows – Green Arrow and the Canaries and Superman and Lois – are in the works for the next season and more are also being developed. Not only that, but we’ve still got another full season and a half with all these properties before any of them are potentially cancelled.

Speaking of which, the Arrowverse gets rolling again next week, with the final two episodes of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” airing Tuesday, January 14th.