Daniel Radcliffe Reportedly Being Eyed To Play Moon Knight


One of the new heroes coming to the MCU over the next few years is Moon Knight, with Marvel announcing last month that a TV series starring Marc Spector is set to arrive on Disney Plus before we know it. That’s all we know for certain right now, but understandably, the studio is already eyeing up several actors to play the lead role and one name that we’re hearing might be connected with the project is Daniel Radcliffe.

Of course, the Harry Potter star is only the latest well-known face that We Got This Covered has been told is in consideration for the gig, as our sources – the same ones who told us Jonah Hill was starring in The Batman months ago before it was confirmed yesterday, and who told us Moon Knight was coming to the MCU before Kevin Feige revealed it – have also said that the the studio’s wishlist includes Andrew Garfield, Shia LaBeouf and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. None of them have received a formal offer, however, so it’s possible that they’re not even aware that they’re being eyed. Again, these are just names that Marvel is discussing internally right now.

One thing that will narrow down their search though is that the studio is only looking at Jewish actors for the role, based on Moon Knight’s heritage in the comics. And as with the individuals named above, Radcliffe is of a Jewish background.

This isn’t the first time that he’s been linked to the Marvel universe, either. Rumors were swirling that Daniel was in the running for the MCU’s Wolverine until he finally squashed those by indicating that he’s not sure he’d even want to play the part. He’s also known for generally sticking to indie movies since Potter. However, the star’s love for Spider-Man is pretty well known, so it’s not like he’s closed the door on joining Marvel for good.

In any case, there’s a range of talent on the studio’s list for Moon Knight so far, but tell us, which of these names would you like to see play the hero? Or do you have a different pick? Join the discussion in the comments section down below.

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