Danny And Davos Come To Blows In First Iron Fist Season 2 Photos


While most of Marvel’s TV shows have been generally well received by both fans and critics, one of the outliers in the franchise was the first season of Netflix’s Iron Fistwhich was largely seen as the dullest, most unaccomplished outing for the MCU yet on the small screen (at least, until Inhumans came along). As such, Marvel Television and the streaming service will be hoping to turn things around for season 2.

While some might be suspicious that the series can step it up, star Finn Jones has already promised us that the next run will be a significant improvement. In fact, he’s even gone so far as to tease that season 2 will be “unlike anything we’ve seen before.” That’s a bold claim, but given that we’ve also heard from a few other sources that the show will be drastically improved when it returns, we’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

It’ll probably still be a while before we get any official promo material to sink our teeth into, but some photos have found their way online today and provide our first real look at Iron Fist season 2. Granted, they’re just scans pulled from a magazine – or so it seems – and as such, they’re hardly the best quality, but seeing as this is all we’ve got right now, we’ll take it.

Story details about the next batch of episodes are currently under wraps, but we do know that several of the cast members are set to return. Co-lead Jessica Henwick will reprise her role alongside Jones as Colleen Wing, with Defenders-verse mainstay Rosario Dawson also coming back as Claire Temple. Alice Eve is joining the cast, too, in an “undisclosed part,” though it’s thought that she’s playing a version of comic book villain Lady Gorgon.

Following showrunner Scott Buck’s double-whammy of flops in Iron Fist season 1 and Inhumans, he’ll be replaced for season 2 by Sleepy Hollow‘s Raven Metzner, who’s apparently bringing an expert knowledge of the comics and a passion for martial arts movies to the table. Hopefully he’ll be able to produce something that lives up to Jones’ bold claims, then.