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‘Daredevil’ fans name the one thing they want to keep for the Disney reboot

Are you paying attention, Marvel?

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Earlier this month, the Marvel fandom’s prayers were answered when it was finally announced that a Daredevil revival is moving forward at Disney Plus. Devotees of the acclaimed Netflix series have been waiting for this news to drop for years, but now that it’s actually happening, there’s a lot of apprehension over whether Marvel Studios is going to be able to recapture what worked so well about the show’s original run.

Obviously, folks are hoping that Kevin Feige and company create something that’s as close to the Netflix series as possible. However, it’s more than likely that Marvel will want to put their own stamp on the material in some way. Fans have been grappling with an interesting question, then, as posed by Twitter user @DriiftyFilm: if they had to pick just one thing to keep from Netflix’s Daredevil, what would it be?

As you’d expect, the iconic hallway fight scenes — of which there was one every season — were a popular choice.

Likewise, people are desperate for the new Daredevil to still be 13 episodes long, as the minuscule season lengths of Marvel’s Disney Plus shows have proven frustrating.

If it counts as one thing, others are voting for the original cast to join Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio in the project.

And Matt Murdock would have to convict them in court if Marvel eliminated this banger of a theme tune.

It’s worth remembering that Marvel has hired new showrunners for the reboot — Covert Affairs‘ Matt Corman and Chris Ord. So some are wishing the series’ original writing team get invited back.

Here’s a left-field pick: maybe some multiversal madness could bring back the ill-fated Ben Urich? It would be fun to see him work at The Daily Bugle this time around, instead of its knock-off, The New York Bulletin.

Another interesting option: some are hoping Matt’s Catholicism, and the religious guilt he feels over his violent vigilantism, will still be explored. Marvel sidelined Marc Spector’s Jewish faith in Moon Knight, don’t forget.

Overall, though, fans most want Marvel to retain the Netflix show’s grounded and gritty tone.

Daredevil season four is still in the early stages of development, but there’s a chance the hero could turn up soon in Echo.

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