Daredevil Star Suggests How They Could Return To The MCU

charlie cox daredevil

Over the last few months we’ve become inundated by talk that Charlie Cox is set to be reintegrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Daredevil via a cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, with further talk positing that he’ll also show up in Disney Plus exclusives Hawkeye, Echo and She-Hulk.

As of yet, absolutely none of that has been confirmed, but on the plus side we’ve only got six weeks to go until we find out for sure if the Man Without Fear is back. Vincent D’Onofrio has also been the subject of intense speculation, but Deborah Ann Woll’s name hasn’t come up that often.

There was that one time she was forced to deny that she was spotted out and about with Kirsten Dunst because it wasn’t actually her, but in a recent appearance at the MCM London Comic-Con, the actress offered up plenty of suggestions as to how her Karen Page could fit into the MCU mythology.

“When I think of Karen, I think of scrappy, unapologetic, gonna get the story, gonna get the truth. I like the idea that if we have more Wilson Fisks, more of these sort of big tyrants that she can look into, because Daredevil could use his fist but Karen gets to use her pen. I would love to see that kind of strengthen and continue in that direction. Karen could work for the Avengers and stuff. I go out and get information and bring it back. I could be an investigator for hire for S.H.I.E.L.D. going undercover. Things like that.”

As Woll says, there’s no shortage of options should she get that call from Kevin Feige, but much like her co-star Cox, it’s entirely up for debate for the time being as to whether or not it’ll actually happen. The fans would be thrilled were it to come to fruition, so keep those fingers crossed until December 17, when we’ll discover whether or not the Daredevil gang are on their way back.