Daredevil’s latest love interest has entered the building, proving yet again who’s the horniest hero in the MCU

she-hulk daredevil
Photo via Marvel Studios

Daredevil: Born Again is now in the full swing of things as its shoot continues on the streets of NYC. For starters, we’ve just got our first look at Charlie Cox back in character as everyone’s favorite avocado-at-law Matt Murdock (excepting Jen Walters, of course, who probably deserves that title more, what with her green skin). In addition, a further snap from the set has unveiled a glimpse at a brand-new castmember set to play an all-important role in the Disney Plus revival.

The set pic in question captures Adventureland actress Magarita Levieva arriving on set. The Russian-born star, who’s also due to appear in Star Wars series The Acolyte, has long been reported to be playing the Man Without Fear’s new love interest on Born Again, although no specific details about her character have yet to be determined. That said, there is a rumor surrounding her super-secret part in the production that may leave fans sweating.

While far from confirmed at this point, there has been some talk of Levieva portraying a recast Karen Page. After all, Deborah Ann Woll is believed to have been left on the sidelines, alongside Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson, plus Born Again is already recasting Ayelet Zurer’s Vanessa Fisk with Sandrine Holt. On the other hand, Levieva’s heritage may just suggest she’s on board as an original character with ties to a different corner of the MCU.

As we’ve outlined before, it feels like there’s a high chance that Charlie Cox’s big Daredevil dream could finally come true as Levieva is secretly playing a Black Widow. That’s just one theory, though. What we can say for certain is, with another romantic partner coming his way so soon after She-Hulk, Matt Murdock has definitely earned his crown as the MCU’s horniest hero.