Dave Filoni says ‘Ahsoka’ is going to be thrilling

Ahsoka Tano

At the moment, the Star Wars hype train is gathering serious momentum as it sets its sights on a station named The Book of Boba Fett, but after that, the focus is going to instantly shift towards Ahsoka.

We’d barely heard a peep out of the hotly-anticipated series since it was first announced last year, but that’s all changed in the last few weeks. The first additional member of the ensemble to join Rosario Dawson’s title hero was a big one, with the Hayden Christensen renaissance set to continue for a little while longer.

On top of that, the internet exploded when Natasha Liu Bordizzo was revealed to be the person responsible for bringing longtime fan favorite Sabine Wren into live-action. It’s all systems go for Ahsoka, then, with mastermind Dave Filoni teasing the writing process during an interview with Empire.

“It’s thrilling, I gotta tell you. It’s something you imagine doing for a long time. And then it’s kind of startling when you’re sitting there, and now you have to do it. I thought of this adventure for Ahsoka for a long time, and it’s interesting to see how it’s evolved. Years ago, I never would have imagined that it was sprung from a branch of a tree that had anything to do with a guy Din Djarin, or a child that looks like Yoda. It’s a great lesson for me on how, when you have other creatives like Jon Favreau, they can help lend such dimension and depth to what you’re doing.”

Based on both seasons of The Mandalorian and everything we’ve seen from The Book of Boba Fett so far, the Star Wars expansion on Disney Plus looks to be in rude health. That’s the complete opposite of the general malaise surrounding the feature film side of the franchise, but Ahsoka is a safe bet to keep the winning streak of acclaimed streaming shows alive and kicking.