David Ramsey Teases Answers To Diggle/Green Lantern Mystery In Arrow Season 8


There are many loose threads Arrow needs to tie up in its truncated eighth and final season. One that’s less obvious though is the long-standing connection between John Diggle and the Green Lantern Corps. It’s been a fan theory forever that Diggle’s a version of John Stewart’s GL from the comics. Over the past year or so, there’ve been a few nods and clues pointing to this actually being the case as well and now, star David Ramsey is teasing that it’s going to happen before the show bows out.

When speaking to Collider, Ramsey was asked what he wants to see from the Diggle family across season 8. In his answer, the actor quickly sidelined into talking about the chances of the Green Lantern mystery being cleared up, which seem pretty high indeed.

“There’s a lot of stuff in the Diggle family that has to be worked out, in these 10 episodes, and will be. And ultimately, I think we have to find out what’s going on with Green Lantern. We’ve been teasing that since Season 2 or 3. It’s been a crazy amount of time, so we have to put a button on that, and from what I’m hearing, we will.”

If you recall, during last year’s crossover “Elseworlds,” the Flash of Earth-90 was confused when he met John as he wasn’t wearing his ring. This seemed to confirm that one of Diggle’s doppelganger’s is Stewart. Furthermore, Arrow season 7 introduced Diggle’s step-father Roy Stewart. Again, we began to see how Diggle could become John Stewart in a different reality. If he can actually become a GL in the mainline Arrowverse, though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

On top of the juicy hint Ramsey gives in the above quote, WGTC has also heard that Ramsey is likely to suit up as Green Lantern in the incoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event. This would be the perfect time to make it official, seeing as virtually every other DC superhero in existence is part of it, too.

The Lanterns have never appeared in the Arrowverse before, but it sounds like this season of Arrow might finally make it happen. Fingers crossed.