David Ramsey Shares New BTS Look At Arrow Finale’s Green Lantern Tease


Arrow‘s eighth season and series finale was a hugely moving affair, as the many members of Team Arrow from across the years gathered for Oliver Queen’s funeral, with the long-running DC show taking the time to examine the Emerald Archer’s legacy. That said, there was also a big – if brief – punch-the-air moment that couldn’t have failed to put a smile on every fan’s face. Yes, the finale confirmed a major fan theory: that John Diggle was destined to become a Green Lantern.

In a final montage of the characters going their separate ways, we catch up with the Diggle family as they move into their new home in Metropolis. While shifting boxes, Diggle witnesses a meteorite crash into the lawn in front of his house. The extraterrestrial object turns out to be a ring box. We don’t see what’s inside, but the bright green glow tells us all we need to know: he’s just been given his very own Green Power Ring.

Ramsey has now shared a throwback BTS photo to that thrilling scene on his Instagram account and it finally reveals how that otherworldly green aura was achieved. Obviously, in the real-world, there wasn’t a Power Ring inside but a bright light rigged up to shine directly on the actor’s face in the shot. In his caption for the image, Ramsey wrote: “… my power…”

Obviously, this tease has left fans wondering whether Ramsey will be back in his new Green Lantern form in a future Arrowverse series. If that’s the case, his move to Metropolis suggests there could be a place for him on Superman & LoisAlternatively, HBO Max is developing Green Lantern TV show, produced by The CW’s Greg Berlanti. To date, though, we haven’t had any confirmation about Diggle’s future beyond Arrow

If nothing comes of it, then, at least this brief scene told us that Diggle’s superheroing days are far from over and he’s set to protect the stars, not just Star City, from evil. Whether on-screen or off it.