Iris Gets Some Answers In Deleted Scene From The Flash Season 5


The sixth season of The Flash is just around the corner, and with Arrow coming to an end this year, it will soon become the oldest series in the Arrowverse (Flashverse?). Before that happens, though, Warner Bros. are set to release season 5 on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow and are celebrating the launch with a deleted scene from the boxset. The scene comes from episode four of the season, “All Doll’d Up,” wherein Central City is terrorized by Rag Doll, an especially creepy villain able to manipulate his body into tight spaces.

The clip, which you can see above courtesy of Screen Rant, has Iris following up with Rag Doll’s mother about his break-in to her home and theft of personal artefacts. While the scene in question doesn’t really add much to the episode or the season as a whole, it’s just part of a host of special features expanding on season 5.

In the most recent run, Team Flash took on Cicada and a mystery spinning out from Nora, Barry and Iris’ fully grown speedster daughter from the future. The Blu-ray and DVD release also comes with extras including a now-obligatory gag reel, as well as featurettes on Killer Frost and the “Elseworlds” crossover event.

In terms of season 6, we already know that The Flash‘s main story arc will be significantly affected by the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event, and that there’ll be return appearances for Godspeed, a new Multiverse version of Harrison Wells, and the introduction of a new villain in Dr. Ramsey Rosso, otherwise known as Bloodwork. Furthermore, Wally West will be back to join Team Flash, most likely as part of the “Crisis,” but also to tackle an as-yet-unknown Big Bad for the season.

The Flash season 5 Blu-Ray and DVD will be available on August 27th, which should provide fans enough time to catch up with its twenty-two episodes before season 6 reaches us via The CW on Tuesday, October 8th.