Eight-Part Mandalorian Documentary Series Coming To Disney Plus

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian launched Disney+ with a bang. Jon Favreau’s grounded take on the seedier corners of the Star Wars universe was met with rave reviews, legions of happy fans and launched a bona fide pop culture icon in Baby Yoda. The first season finale promised big things, showing us Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon wielding the Darksaber and vowing to track down the titular hero and his pintsize ward.

Fortunately, it seems that The Mandalorian‘s second season won’t be delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic. The show’s cinematographer Baz Idoine posted a picture to Instagram confirming the shoot had wrapped, meaning it can go into post-production immediately. But there’s still going to be a long wait for it to be ready. As such, Disney has just announced Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, an extensive behind-the-scenes documentary series about the making of the show.

This will debut on Disney+ on Star Wars Day, May 4th, and it bills itself as a comprehensive look into what it took to bring a galaxy far, far away to the small screen. Disney explains that the doc will reveal:

“The filmmaking process, the legacy of George Lucas’ Star Wars, how the cast brought the characters to life, the series’ groundbreaking technology, the artistry behind the show’s practical models, effects, and creatures, plus the creative influences, the iconic score, and connections to Star Wars characters and props from across the galaxy.”

Meanwhile, Favreau said that:

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian is an opportunity for fans of the show to take a look inside and get to see a different perspective, and perhaps a greater understanding, of how The Mandalorian came together and some of the incredibly talented contributors throughout Season 1. We had a great experience making the show and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.”

My hope is that we get a good look at how The Mandalorian‘s groundbreaking projection screen filming worked. This was a gigantic LED wall, allowing the alien backgrounds to be realistically projected behind the characters in real-time. Plus, I also really want to see some cute Baby Yoda puppets. Fingers crossed.