Disney CEO Accidentally Says A Han Solo TV Series Is In Development

As the CEO of one of the world’s largest corporations that’s only officially been in charge for a little over three months, you’d imagine Bob Chapek has a lot on his plate, especially with revenues all across the board having plummeted as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, not to mention the sheer number of pies that the Mouse House manages to keep its fingers in at all times, from theme parks and retail to movies and cruises.

A slip of the tongue now and again is to be expected, but Chapek’s recent verbal stumble could realistically lead to an avalanche of rumors and speculation after he said a Han Solo series was in development for Disney Plus, before quickly correcting himself. Big Bob’s gaffe came during a presentation at the J.P. Morgan Global, Technology, Media And Communications conference, but if he’s aware of how Star Wars fans operate and how much they want to see more stories set in the world of Solo, he knows that many of them will read far deeper into his comments, which you can see below.

“In the end, as you know, in entertainment, it’s really all about content. I think over the next, basically by the end of the year we’ve got six Marvel titles. We’ve got Black Widow, we’ve got Shang-Chi, we’ve got Loki, we’ve got Hawkeye, we’ve got Ms. Marvel. We’ve got What If….?. All these great series coming to Disney+. We’ve got Han Solo, or I mean Boba Fett, from Star Wars. Boba Fett from Star Wars, and we’ve got Monsters at Work from Pixar.”

Ever since Solo bombed at the box office to become the lowest-grossing live-action Star Wars movie, supporters of Ron Howard’s prequel have continually mounted campaign after campaign in the hopes to see either a sequel or a streaming show given the green light. Of course, we wouldn’t be in this situation at all if people had just turned up to the theater to watch it the first time around, but we’ve heard on countless occasions anyway that something could be in the works, either with Alden Ehrenreich returning to take top billing or showing up to lend support in Lando opposite Donald Glover.