Disney Opening New Animation Studio For Streaming Exclusives


Disney may own, operate and oversee a number of the industry’s premiere brands, properties and studios including Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lucasfilm, Pixar and the entirety of what used to be 20th Century Fox, but that doesn’t mean the company’s insatiable quest for complete domination of the pop culture sphere is anywhere near over.

The Mouse House are planning to debut over 100 streaming exclusives on an annual basis, diving deep into their roster of well-known characters and franchises to power the expansion, but at least they’re not planning on working their teams into the ground. Following on from the recent news that Marvel Animation Studios could be getting launched to handle the cinematic universe’s animated expansion, Walt Disney Animation Studios is opening a new facility in Vancouver, specifically to handle Disney Plus episodic projects and one-off specials.

Big Hero 6

The first project in the pipeline is the Moana sequel series that was announced late last year, while development will accelerate on Big Hero 6 spinoff Baymax!, a continuation of the story told in billion-dollar box office hit Zootopia, a Princess and the Frog show focusing on Tiana and Iwájú, a completely original concept set in a futuristic version of Lagos, Nigeria that looks to explore social and societal issues through the Disney animated lens.

It’s all systems go for Disney Plus‘ roster of animated projects as the platform continues to gather seemingly unstoppable momentum, and that’s without even mentioning Pixar at all, with the powerhouse outfit having already debuted Monsters at Work, and there’s a Lightning McQueen solo series, original premise Win or Lose and Dug Days, which puts the fan favorite golden retriever from Up in the spotlight, all on the cards.