Watch: Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker Shares Self-Isolation Advice In New Video

Doctor Who

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker, who portrays the thirteenth incarnation of the infamous Time Lord, has just shared some self-isolation advice amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Now that Earth is in its darkest hour, doctors and other medical personnel all around the world are on the frontlines of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, either, especially in the United States and other epicenters in Europe like Spain, Italy, Germany and France. At the moment of writing, close to 1.5 million people have tested positive for the deadly disease (estimates claim the real number is much higher) and 89,435 deaths have been recorded.

In fact, with every passing minute, more people fall victim to severe respiratory symptoms and organ failure, which is why it’s absolutely important to pay heed to health officials and practice social distancing. In fact, in this time of crisis, the world would benefit from the presence of a Doctor in her blue box. Of course, we’re not just talking about a doctor, we’re talking about the Doctor; the original, you might say.

While the Lonely God isn’t a real character, the people who portray her are always the greatest ambassadors that the BBC could ever hope for. As such, Jodie Whittaker, the first female to play the role, has recently shared a video offering some advice to people who are fighting the outbreak of COVID-19 in their communities.

As you can see, the Doctor has appeared in costume to encourage us, as usual, to help save lives, the same way she’s done for the past 60 years. And that’s perhaps the most important thing to remember these days; staying at home, while even mandatory in some countries, will help curb the spread and save lives.

This isn’t the first time that Jodie has shared a COVID-19 message with fans, either, and seeing as how we’re still months away from the next Doctor Who episode, and possibly more due to the coronavirus delays, let’s just hope that it won’t be the last.