Doctor Who Season 11 Blu-Ray Trailer Invites Us To Relive Jodie’s First Year


The BBC has dropped a thrilling new trailer for Doctor Who season 11 today to celebrate the release of Jodie Whittaker’s first run as the Thirteenth Doctor on DVD and Blu-Ray. The 10-episode season boxset – the New Year’s special, “Resolution”, will be sold separately at a later date – is available to buy now for UK fans but before you go off to grab the season for yourself, make sure to catch the awesome preview below for a look at what’s in store.

The promos that aired during season 11’s broadcast were often criticized by Whovians who thought they didn’t do a good enough job of hyping up what’s to come. That’s definitely not this case with this one though, which compresses the adventures of the Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz into a punchy, action-packed minute that reminds us how much there was to enjoy in the most recent season.

And, if you get the home release, there’s even more to enjoy. According to the official Doctor Who website: “Bonus features include behind the scenes featurettes, closer looks and four brand new audio commentaries. A selection of art cards, exclusive to the release, will be included and the DVD/BD cover is presented in an exciting lenticular format.”

It’s handy that we now have season 11 available to own, as fans might end up rewatching it a few times over the next 12 months to give themselves a much-needed Who fix. The show isn’t due to drop a new season until early 2020, with no fresh episodes to look forward to – including the traditional winter special – until next year. The consolation is that rumors are pointing to season 12 landing in January or February of 2020, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

You can find out more about the Doctor Who season 11 DVD/Blu-Ray release by clicking here. US fans, meanwhile, can pre-order the season in time for its release on January 29th.