Don Mancini Teases Syfy’s Chucky Show With Sexy Set Photo

Chucky Child's Play

The Child’s Play franchise is currently kicking ass. The 2019 reboot vastly exceeded expectations, boasted an excellent performance from Mark Hamill as Chucky, and a sequel is reportedly in development. But longtime fans of ‘classic’ Chucky will soon have something to celebrate too, as this October sees the release of new show Chucky on Syfy.

This is helmed by original creator Don Mancini, boasts the vocal talents of Brad Dourif, and will be a direct sequel to 2017 movie Cult of Chucky. We got our first official trailer during [email protected] and all indications are that it’s going to make the killer doll’s fans extremely happy. Mancini also seems very pleased with the way things panned out, which is nice to see after his obvious annoyance that the movie reboot went ahead without his involvement.

To stoke the hype machine he recently posted an image on Instagram of him sat on a bed with Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif in revealing outfits that he appropriately captioned “Perks of the job”. Tilly also put a photo up, showing off the trashy-motel-chic look that made Tiffany a horror icon. Check them out:

The official synopsis for the show says that Chucky will show up at a yard sale in an “idyllic American town” that soon experiences a series of horrific murders (I’m betting the two events are linked!). Over the course of the show we’ll uncover this town’s dark secrets, which may be linked to Chucky’s origins, and show how he turned into such a sadistic monster.

We also know Syfy has loosened their restrictions specifically for this show, with Mancini explaining that Chucky can drop 10 F-Bombs per episode. That’s great, because as we all know, Chucky isn’t happy about being neutered.

Chucky will premiere on Syfy on October 12th, 2021.