The Exorcist Is Returning For Another Season, But Geena Davis Isn’t


FOX had an unexpected hit on their hands with the first season of The Exorcist, picking up a smattering of positive critical notices and decent ratings. So, it’s no surprise that they renewed it for a second season. The show is a loose sequel to the 1973 William Friedkin movie classic, following a trio of Exorcist priests, with the first season exploring what happened to formerly possessed puker Regan MacNeil over the last forty or so years.

In an eye-catching bit of casting, Geena Davis was brought on board as MacNeil and was generally agreed to be one of the best things in the series. That makes it a little disappointing then that she’s confirmed that she’s departing the show. Rather than re-cast the role, executive producer and director Jeremy Slater has simply decided to focus the second season narrative elsewhere.

This means, apparently, not just jettisoning Davis’ character, but her whole family. So, it’s goodbye to Alan Ruck’s Henry, Hannah Kasulka’s Casey and Brianne Howey’s Katherine, with their various stories terminating in the narrative blank space between seasons. It’s not a full change though, as returning are the trio of demon-bustin’ priests led by Alfonso Herrara’s Father Thomas Ortega, Kurt Egyiawan’s Father Bennet and Ben Daniels’ Father Marcus Keane.

Right now, we don’t know what they’ll be up to, but it’s safe to assume there’ll be another creepy case of demonic possession to get their teeth into (maybe literally!). Slater explained that his challenge with season 2 will be to “come up with a new storyline that was just as exciting and emotionally gripping.” Fortunately for fans of Geena Davis (of which I am one, and by the way, Cutthroat Island is underrated), he also lets us know that he’s open to her returning to the series in the future.

More on season 2 of The Exorcist when we have it.

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