Here’s Where We Can Expect To Find Ahsoka In The Mandalorian

Ahsoka Tano

As if The Mandalorian wasn’t already overwhelmingly popular, the news that Ahsoka Tano will appear in the second season has made every Star Wars fan collectively lose their chill.

Everyone’s favorite Snips returned late last year as a voice cameo to encourage Rey in the climactic scene of The Rise of Skywalker, all the while inciting fans to once again petition for a live-action appearance of the character. Well, it would appear that our prayers have finally been answered. In the second season of The Mandalorian, which is currently in production, Rosario Dawson will portray the former Jedi warrior after her adventures with the crew of the Ghost in Rebels.

Of course, it’ll be a while before we see Ahsoka in the series, but the Jedi Padawan made another comeback this year in the final season of The Clone Wars. Executive producer Dave Filoni has promised that he’ll give the character a proper ending, too, as opposed to leaving her story open as he did in the previous season when she decided to leave behind the Jedi life for good.

Now, as you may recall, at the end of Rebels, Ahsoka teamed up with Sabine Wren to go and look for Ezra Bridger in the Unknown Regions. So, it’d stand to reason that The Mandalorian might pick these characters up as they search for the lost Jedi knight. How their paths may cross with Mando and Baby Yoda, though, is anyone’s guess at this point.

Even the possibility of Ahsoka interacting with the Child, especially considering her history with Grand Master Yoda, is both exciting and terrifying. Imagine if she ends up training Baby Yoda in the ways of the Force; now that’s something we’d definitely pay good money to see.

For now, we still have Ahsoka’s story arc in The Clone Wars to look forward to. Though if the current COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t end up interfering with the production of The Mandalorian, you can expect to see Snips make her live-action debut in October 2020.