Leaked Falcon And The Winter Soldier Set Photo May Reveal John Walker’s Fate

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are desperate to see John Walker get his comeuppance in the final two episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, although he’s going to take a lot of stopping now that he’s a badass super soldier. Indeed, Wyatt Russell’s performance has made him one of the most despised figures in MCU history, which is pretty impressive considering he’s only been in a few episodes of television.

Not only did he inherit the mantle that rightfully belonged to Sam Wilson after he was basically lied to by the government when they decided to take the shield off his hands and give it to somebody else behind his back, but he’s a bit of an asshole as well. That being said, Disney did miss a trick when it comes to cross-brand synergy because we haven’t yet heard anyone channel their inner Indiana Jones and say out loud that the shield belongs in a museum.

In any case, having straight up murdered a guy in cold blood at the close of last week’s installment, Walker could be poised to go off the deep end, which presents a serious issue for not only the Flag Smashers, but Sam and Bucky as well. Now, a leaked set photo might have confirmed Walker’s fate by the conclusion of the series, which you can check out over on Imgur (we won’t post it here as it may indeed be a spoiler).

After the vitriol he’s generated from the fanbase, it would feel like a bit of a cop out if the character ended up leaving The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with his shield-throwing arm in a sling and nothing else, with everyone going back to business as usual once he’s no longer Captain America. Of course, in the comic books he goes on to become freelance superhero U.S. Agent, so it could also indicate that Russell is set to stick around the MCU for a while longer.