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Fans demand that Netflix renew ‘The Sandman’ for season 2 on a milestone Dream-iversary

It's a very special day in Sandman lore today.

Tom Sturridge as Dream in 'The Sandman'
Image via Netflix

It feels somewhat inevitable, but it still hasn’t happened. Fans of the incredibly excellent show The Sandman are waiting with bated breath for literally any sign from Netflix that the show is coming back for season two. It’s an especially elevated response today because of a very special anniversary.

In Sandman lore, today is the day that the titular character escaped from his prison at Fawney Rig. For those unfamiliar, Fawney Rig is the home of Roderick Burgess and his family. Burgess, of course, is the amateur magician that accidentally caught The Sandman and subsequently held him captive for a century.

“HAPPY SANDMAN DAY!!!! 34 years ago today, on September 14th 1988, Dream escaped from Fawney Rig. Every year on this day we celebrate all things #TheSandman!!” Tweeted user @swirly.

@Swirly also pointed out that the date Dream escapes in the show itself is May 25, 2021. Diehard fans are now hoping that Netflix will make an announcement regarding the second season of the show, and many are using the hashtag #RENEWSANDMAN hoping to get the streamer’s notice. Here’s one:

Another person said, “I’m not asking, I’m begging.”

Others shared cast photos side by side with their comic book counterparts, like user @naaanda.

User Swirly also pointed out how popular the show has been for the streaming service.

“#TheSandman remains firmly in Netflix’s Top 10 in its sixth week! The total hours viewed has now reached 381 million hours. #RenewSandman.”

The #RenewSandman movement also features a lot of tweets telling us to “do it for them” with cute accompanying gifs. One of the best is an embrace between actors Tom Sturridge and Vivienne Acheampong.

Despite the lack of communication about the subject from Netflix, it seems more and more likely every day that Netflix will indeed greenlight a second season of the show, especially since the show recently dethroned monster hit Stranger Things as the top streaming show in August.

The Sandman captured 1.4 billion minutes of watch time throughout Aug. 8-14, followed by the Uncharted movie at 1.18 billion minutes. Stranger Things came in third at 1.12 billion. Sandman creator Neil Gaiman recently shared that despite the interest, it’s always possible that Netflix will decide to shelve the show.

“… Sandman is a really expensive show, And for Netflix to release the money to let us make another season we have to perform incredibly well. So yes, we’ve been the top show in the world for the last two weeks. That still may not be enough.”

So, he said, if you’re a fan, tell others about the show. If you’ve watched the show but stopped, finish it. Already seen it? Watch again, he said.

The first season of The Sandman is streaming on Netflix. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything about the second season. Happy Sandman day!

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