Netflix Subscribers Are Loving The New Transformers Show

Transformers: Way for Cybertron

The big screen Transformers franchise earned over $4.8 billion at the box office, and yet you’d struggle to find anyone who speaks particularly highly about any of the movies, with the notable exception of the critically-acclaimed Bumblebee. Michael Bay’s time at the helm may have resulted in huge profits, but the fact that The Last Knight saw takings drop by over $500 million after two consecutive billion-dollar hits in Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction made it pretty clear that the filmmaker had run the series into the ground.

The Autobots and Decepticons are currently on a live-action hiatus, but there are several projects still in the works, including a Beast Wars adaptation, a Bumblebee sequel and a reboot of the main timeline. Longtime fans looking for their Transformers fix as soon as possible though can now head to Netflix and check out the animated War for Cybertron – Siege.

Set to be the first chapter in a trilogy that will culminate in the return of the cult favorite Beast Wars characters to our screens in the recently-named Kingdom, Netflix’s War for Cybertron is looking to hit that nostalgic sweet spot that the movies have largely missed, as well as telling a story that appeals to Transformers fans of all ages.

The six episodes of Siege only arrived yesterday, but it already looks as though the show gives the fans exactly what they wanted from Transformers on the small screen, and you can check out some of the reactions down below.

Based on how well War for Cybertron – Siege is going down with the fanbase already, it looks like Netflix have yet another winner on their hands, and the animated series seems set to tide audiences over until we find out which of the many Transformers movies in development becomes the first one to head into production.