Barry And Nora Join Forces On New Poster For The Flash Season 5


Every new season of The Flash kicks off with a big change to the status quo and this year’s is a real doozy. At the end of season 4, the West-Allens discovered that Jessica Parker Kennedy’s mystery girl, who’d been hanging around since the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover, was actually their daughter from the future, Nora. In season 5, the couple will have to get used to the shock of becoming parents, But on the plus side, at least Barry will have a new partner in crime-fighting.

That’s what this new poster teases, anyway. The colorful piece showcases the Scarlet Speedster in his revamped suit (notice the brighter look and the absence of a chin strap) as he runs through the Speed Force with his daughter, who goes by the superhero name XS. As established by previous glimpses of the costume, Nora’s outfit is an adapted version of Iris’ temporary speedster look from season 4, with the addition of a cool emblem on her chest (you can’t see it here, so you’ll have to trust us).

As this image teases, Barry and Nora will get on like a house on fire – in fact, they might have to face a few of those as well, as the duo will spend a lot of time saving Central City together. However, for some reason, Nora will be cold towards her mother, something that hurts Iris and causes her to seek out the answer for her daughter’s attitude. According to Parker Kennedy, we won’t have to wait long before we find out the reason, either, as the first of XS’s many secrets will be revealed within the first handful of episodes.

Furthermore, Grant Gustin has promised that there’s an awesome action scene coming in the premiere, which is aptly titled “Nora.” He didn’t give away any details, but he did tease that it’s been pulled from the comics. We’d imagine that it involves father and daughter teaming up in some way, too.

Be sure to catch The Flash season 5 when it kicks off on The CW on Tuesday, October 9th.