Fear The Walking Dead Star Reveals Season 6 Premiere Date

Fear the Walking Dead

2020 was supposed to be the best year ever for The Walking Dead fans. With the parent series joined by two spinoffs, the ongoing Fear the Walking Dead and new series Walking Dead: World Beyondwe were looking forward to practically a whole year’s worth of Sundays full of TWD content. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak has shut down the entertainment industry, meaning all three shows have been delayed, to various extents.

Fear, for instance, typically kicks off in a spring or early summer slot. However, that won’t be possible this year given that World Beyond being held back will have a knock-on effect for the subsequent shows. No official word has arrived yet on the new release schedule, but Fear star Danay Garcia may have just revealed when we can expect season 6 to premiere. While speaking with FANFEST World, the actress claimed that it’ll return in August.

Here’s what else she teased about what’s in store for the next run of the spinoff:

“This coming Season 6 is so exciting. For the first time you get to see the characters dealing with their own personal issues,” García teased. “The writers took the time to go deeper into who they really are. We’ve been on the show for five years, so you get to know them really well, but you hardly see them alone. When you are on your own, you discover a different part of you that you didn’t know existed. That’s what you’ll see this season.”

An August premiere date would be the latest the series has gotten rolling since its very first season debuted on August 23rd back in 2015. Since then, the show has alternated between mid-April and June comebacks. Season 1’s August premiere worked well, as that run was only six episodes long, so it was out the way before TWD returned in October. Nowadays, though, the seasons are 16 episodes, meaning season 6 will likely cut well into the parent show’s patch. That said, it could have a shortened episode count due to the pandemic’s effect on production.

In any case, Garcia’s comments about how the upcoming chapter will dive deeper into the characters as individuals echoes what TWD chief content officer Scott Gimple has said about the run before, describing this batch of episodes as “being a bit more anthological,” He went on to say that “it still is a serialized story, but it’s told through these very focused perspectives.”

Again, this has yet to be confirmed by AMC, but Garcia must’ve got the info from somewhere. As such, it looks like we can expect Fear the Walking Dead to return this August.