New Flash Theory May Reveal Godspeed’s Shocking Secret Identity

Flash Barry season 5

Following Tuesday’s episode, The Flash is taking a month’s break, but once that’s over, season 5 will return with an outing that fans won’t want to miss. Titled “Godspeed,” episode 18 will do just what it says on the tin and introduce the popular speedster villain from recent comics into the Arrowverse for the first time.

Set photos have teased that the white-suited villain has been recreated for the screen very faithfully, but just because visually he looks the same doesn’t mean that the Flash writers haven’t shaken up his secret identity. In the comics, Godspeed is really August Hearst, Barry’s partner at the CCPD forensic department. As no such character exists on the series, however, one intriguing fan theory suggests that the true face of the Scarlet Speedster’s latest foe will provide a major shock.

As posted on Reddit by Rishukingler11, the theory suggests that Godspeed will turn out to be… Barry’s son from an erased timeline. We already know that Nora was supposed to be the comic-accurate Dawn Allen before the timeline was changed, so why has there been no mention of her twin Don on the show so far?

Here’s how it could go down:

Who do you think will be Godspeed’s true identity in the show? We know it’s supposed to Barry Allen’s work partner, but Julian is Alchemy, not Godspeed. So, this is my idea for a new Godspeed that I’d like to see –

I want Godspeed to be the other child that Barry had in the original timeline, but was erased due to how many times the timeline has changed but he managed to keep himself alive like how Eobard is keeping himself alive even after being erased from the timeline. Now, he needs XS’s powers to keep himself alive (since she is his “sister”).

They could go one step further, and say that the twins Barry had and Nora are completely different (Some people assume that Dawn Allen and Nora Allen are the same and when the timeline changed and Don Allen was erased from history, Dawn became renamed to Nora. I say that Dawn and Nora are different people themselves. The timeline changed SO MUCH that both twins were erased and replaced by a new child, instead of one of them staying relevant to the new timeline with a new name).

Godspeed/Don tells Nora and Barry how his powers manifested before Dawn’s and so he was able to take run away from the new timeline but couldn’t save his sister from being erased and now he’s a villain who hates Nora as she is his and his sister’s replacement in the new timeline.

Honestly, this is a pretty solid theory. After all, The Flash has always loved a good shocking speedster reveal. We thought the truth about Savitar being an evil time remnant of Barry back in season 3 couldn’t be beaten, but this Godspeed twist would definitely give it a run for its money. Plus, it is unlike the show to ignore a major element in the comics like Don Allen. I don’t want to jinx it, but this fan could certainly be onto something.

Either way though, we’ll discover the truth about Godspeed when The Flash season 5 returns to The CW next month.